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How can we help you?

As one of the largest international retail teams, we have a vast range of experience, working alongside retailers all over the world to help them through the challenges they face every day and deliver great insight and value.  Here are a few examples of how we do it: 

The PKF Counter Fraud Specialist team have many years of experience, working with clients across the globe to give them a competitive advantage against the last great unreduced business cost.

These projects include reviewing the risk of fraud and a company’s strength of resilience, and providing fraud awareness training. It’s not just internal areas that need consideration, as support in the supply chain could avoid unnecessary reputational risk if things were to go wrong. 

Our sector specific knowledge enables us to provide bespoke advice which brings great value.  While we can support you in reacting to an adverse event,  the biggest benefit we can deliver is to help you reduce your fraud risk and the costs that go with it, and strengthen your bottom line. 

The Retail market is incredibly competitive as retailers challenge each other for market share to compete for their customers’ hearts and cash. In recent years there have been some high profile cases of retailers falling by the way-side because they didn’t recognise the issues early enough and take action. Getting the PKF experts in early to give you the benefit of their knowledge and experience to help improve matters, can be incredibly valuable.

It isn’t just the end retailers who could be at risk, and avoiding supply chain disruption is also massively important. Supplier failure could cause issues, particularly if shelves are empty and customers are left unhappy. We can help by assisting with planning and contractual arrangements, then monitoring management information before implementing an action plan to mitigate this risk.

In the fast paced world of Retail, the effective use of technology and data can contribute greatly to your success. Unfortunately ineffective use can also cause great pain and cost.

Our IT experts across the world provide tailored and bespoke solutions to help manage your business needs today while anticipating your changing needs for tomorrow to drive your long term business objectives.

Through our discovery process, we can guide you to the most effective business and information applications, which will deliver value and enhance your operations through the possibilities offered by technology. We then help you realize your market differentiator strategies towards, for example, omni-channel customer experience and engagement, loyalty programs, personalization, etc., or towards your core enterprise applications such as CRM, ERP and store operations systems.

Our team delivers the innovation and vision effectively through the use of Agile methodologies and Lean Startup processes to achieve both quick improvements and long-term results that will help you create a highperformance, sustainable and profitable business.

We have worked with businesses during all stages of their life cycle, using our experience to be flexible with client needs to help them push their business on.

Whether it is funding for new projects, corporate acquisitions or sales, due diligence assignments or business plan modelling, we can help you navigate your way through the complexities to deliver the outcome you need. 

At a time when competition in the Retail industry is incredibly tough ensuring you are paying the right amount of tax is vital both for profitability and cash management. The PKF Tax team use their global knowledge and expertise to ensure that your tax position, both direct and indirect, is maximised.

In our experience, businesses often say that they have everything covered, but from spending some time with them it quickly becomes clear that this isn’t always the case and substantial benefits have been identified. With this in mind, surely it is worth getting us to have a second look?

Our approach is to take the complex area of tax and make it simple; delivering significant benefits for our clients. Key areas where we have a track record of adding value include capital allowances, R&D expenditure, international tax, transfer pricing and remuneration planning, and we will work closely with you and the tax authorities to maximise the benefit for you.

Our risk based approach means that our audit and assurance team focus on the key areas of your business to deliver an effective and efficient audit.  

The value comes from our Retail knowledge and experience, and the insight our teams can bring through their recommendations to help you improve your internal control environment and business operations.

Recent projects include assistance with supply chain management, stock system reviews, regulatory reporting, helping to manage landlord costs, support on Treasury management policy and group restructuring where by getting close to our clients’ businesses, we are able to deliver great value. 


Why do you need us?

We see retailers facing key issues such as increased competition and decreasing margins, sourcing the right location at the right price, ensuring their IT infrastructure is fit for purpose, raising appropriate finance, managing exchange rate risk and dealing with the challenge of compliance obligations.

The PKF network of firms plays a leading role with many of the largest brands in retail, sharing commercial insight and strong sector expertise with personality, integrity and infectious positivity and is in a great position to help with these challenges.

By building great, trusting relationships, we understand the challenges, issues and opportunities that retailers face; delivering value with integrated, tailored business solutions.

We share our retail expertise and experience throughout the network to bring significant benefits to multi-country operations.

We move swiftly, efficiency and effectively, making us well-equipped to respond to the fast moving retail market place.