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Corporate Governance

Our corporate governance specialists provide a range of customised and specialist services to many clients across the private and public sector.

Our forensic services include best practice and cost-effective recommendations and solutions to fraud, corruption, theft and tender irregularities. In addition, we assist clients by developing customised policies and procedures for their businesses.

We assess the extent of your compliance with the King Report on Corporate Governance (King IV), the JSE Listings Requirements (including ALTx), the Public Finance Management Act (PFMA), Treasury Regulations, the Municipal Finance Management Act (MFMA), IT, Risk Management and industry specific requirements. Our strategic risk assessment supports the internal audit operational plan and we conduct internal audits on your behalf.

A growing part of our business is the compliance function for legislation such as FAIS, FICA, PFMA, MFMA, BEE, Companies Act and the Promotion of Access to Information Act.

We undertake detailed reviews and provide recommendations for board charters, committee terms of reference, delegation of authority and assessments of the effectiveness of the board, directors and committees.