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2022 News • 2022-06-08

What are some of the global trends in the FMCG space?

On the upside, Covid-19 has left consumers more environmentally conscious. Healthy convenience is top of mind. While this progressive change in mindset has brought about its challenges, it has also opened the door to enormous opportunity.

As consumers and their families live busier lifestyles, they are demanding more convenience, especially when it comes to getting meals. There has been a proliferation of services specializing in restaurant delivery, like Uber Eats, Grubhub, and Deliveroo, and others, such as Blue Apron in the USA and Les Commis in France, that distribute meal kits with recipes and ingredients to consumers’ front doors’. Supermarkets are also upping their game by offering a large selection of ready-to-go meal options, from pre-cut fruit-vegetable-nut packs to three course dinners. FMCG makers are responding to the desire for convenience in different ways. For example, some are improving on the frozen “TV dinners” and microwavable dishes of yesteryear by launching a wider variety of easy-to-prepare meals that are fresher and better-tasting than their predecessors.

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