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Home News 2022 Waldek Wasowicz Appointed as CEO of PKF South Africa
2022 News • 0001-01-01

Waldek Wasowicz Appointed as CEO of PKF South Africa

As 2022 draws to a close and we reflect on the year that was and start to consider the year that is to come - we are pleased to announce a change in leadership at PKF South Africa.

Waldek Wasowicz, Managing Partner of PKF Octagon in Johannesburg, has been appointed to the role of PKF South Africa CEO.

Waldek is a long standing PKF SA Exco member and is also a director of PKF South Africa. He successfully steered PKF Octagon through COVID and under him, the firm has seen exciting changes and exceptional growth. He is the co-founder of PKF Ignite - an award-winning cloud accounting platform and as a JSE accredited auditor, Waldek maintains a diversified audit and advisory portfolio.

Waldek brings a fresh perspective to the role of CEO but with the steady hands of someone who has been in the network and knows what it takes to make it work! He will be supported by the existing leadership team - which includes Butch Abbott who remains the network’s COO, the Executive Committee and the board of Managing Partners.

As one chapter starts, so other ends and we would like to thank Candice Unsworth for the value she added while in the role of CEO and we wish her well in her next adventure.

We look forward to partnering with you to unlock your potential in the year to come.

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