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2021 News • 2021-09-20

How does Fixed asset management technology fill the Gap?

The growth and development in the cloud computing market has improved the asset management technology offering in a massive way.

The principle of asset management has not changed, can we as an organisation track our asset resources, report on its usage and return on investment and custodianship, with the new developing technologies it just done quicker, smarter and more accurate?

Inflexible Asset management enterprise solutions that required expensive OEM hardware and centralised management of asset with restrictive and costly interfaces will faded away in the next decade, as cloud computing and IOT facilitates how an organisation collects, share and reports on it data across multiply systems on multiply platforms.

One example of where current technology is adding value to asset management is that of the e-sim technology for laptops, making tracking and tracing that much easier. Providing almost real time data on it location, usage and custodianship. Should there be a case of loss or theft the required intervention can be actioned to limit or mitigate events such as a data breach.

When adopting asset management technology an organisation should consider the systems scalability, so is it flexible enough to support and implement the control required in the organisation, as well provide for a decentralised operational model that can provide roll up reporting.


Roy Edwards
Executive - Fixed Asset Management Services

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