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The History of PKF Durban

In 1922, Mr. D. W. Strachan opened his own business as Accountant and Auditor in West Street. In the years that followed, the company grew to include a myriad of individuals who both helped the company to grow and who expanded the vision of the company. Ken Tayler became the second partner, and the name of the firm was changed to David Strachan and Tayler (DS&T), the title it has held for years afterwards.

Our Culture

PKF Durban strives to maintain the values that have been a part of the company from their early days as DS&T and to incorporate the overall creed of the PKF group. To include both the DS&T fundamental ethic of excellent quality and service as well as PKF's "Right People, Right Size, Right Solutions" is what PKF Durban lives for.

Our Global Network

PKF is a global network of legally independent firms bound together by a shared commitment to quality, integrity, teamwork, responsiveness and the creation of clarity out of confusion. We are passionate about building long term relationships based on trust and a deep understanding of our clients' circumstances and business.

PKF International Limited is a member of the Forum of Firms - an organisation dedicated to consistent and high quality standards of financial reporting and auditing practices worldwide.

Social Responsibility

As a firm we are aware of the social responsibility towards our society, and therefore have selected certain deserving charities.

We also provide audit and other services to a number of charitable institutions.

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